Article full texts in PDF only

Readers of our journal will notice that instead of the full text, the ordinary web pages of our website now only show the bibliographical information of an article, not the article or review itself.

The web (HTML, in technical terms) version of AD suffered from several problems:

- Greek accents, many mathematical symbols and formulas can't be displayed properly in HTML because most fonts don't support them.
- Some articles have complicated markup. Quotations in quotations for example are impossible in HTML. In the PDF version, this is visible.
- In our area, it is quite common to work with numbered theses. In the PDF version, this can easily be done. In our XML/HTML version, this was very difficult to implement.

Therefore, we decided to drop HTML in the new volume. At the time we started the journal, PDF was not as common as it is now. Nowadays, PDF is an acknowledged standard for making sure that what the reader sees on screen or on paper, is exactly the same as the publisher had in mind.