ADSS 3: God out of Place?

Yves de Maeseneer (ed.), God out of Place? A Symposium on L.P. Hemming's Postmodernity's Transcending: Devaluing God

How to speak about transcendence today? How to represent the transcendent in a context in which God seems to have no place anymore? No philosopher of religion or theologian can avoid this fundamental question. And not a few of them end up being paralysed by its enormous weight. However, do we really understand what is at stake in this all too familiar question? In his Postmodernity’s Transcending: Devaluing God (London: SCM Press, and Notre Dame: Notre Dame University Press, 2005) Laurence Paul Hemming seeks to lay bare the foundations from which this kind of questioning arises. His endeavour involves an investigation into the topic of the sublime, using this term to unlock the question of the place of God, or, better, the displacement of God.

God out of Place? is to be read as a first response to the challenges Hemming raises: it contains the proceedings of a book symposium, on the 12th of October 2004, organised by the Research Group Theology in a Postmodern Context at the Faculty of Theology, Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). On this occasion Hemming presented the manuscript of the book, which arose from an extended period as guest professor and research fellow in Leuven (2002-2004), to critical responses by experts from different backgrounds.

Contributors include: Joeri Schrijvers, Kevin Hart, Stuart Elden, Peter Jonkers, Yves de Maeseneer, and Laurence Paul Hemming.


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The Editor

Dr. Yves de Maeseneer (1976) is researcher at the Faculty of Theology, Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). He is a Postdoctoral Fellow of the Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO-V), working on the relation between theology, politics and aestheticisation. He published articles on Hans Urs von Balthasar, Theodor W. Adorno, contemporary art, globalisation, terrorism, and religious experience.

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