Ars Disputandi Supplement Series

The editors of Ars Disputandi: The Online Journal for Philosophy of Religion are proud to announce a new extension to the journal: the Ars Disputandi Supplement Series (ADSS, for short). Briefly described, the ADSS is a book series associated with the journal. In this series, both monographs and collections of articles can be published. Books accepted for publication will be made available online (PDF format only). Online access will be free. Moreover, Paper copies will be available at cost prize through our website. The paper copies will be produced through a printing on demand facilities.

Why do we think this initiative adds something to existing book series in the philosophy of religion? The philosophy of religion is a relatively small area of academic research, with many highly specialised issues of debate and many interdisciplinary points of contact with other academic disciplines. In some cases, this makes publication of high quality volumes commercially unattractive, because the readership is too small. In these cases, ADSS can offer professional publication services at cost prize, advertised through the online community of the journal.

Collections of essays
Additionally, we think an ADSS has particular added value in the area of collections of articles--published conference proceedings for example. Often, readers are only interested in one or two of the essays published in a collection of essays or conference proceedings. Therefore, they do not purchase the entire collection, especially when it is expensive. If a collection of essays is published online and available for free, readers can download individual essays at wish, while at the same time being able to order the entire collection on paper--for example when they have been visting the conference upon which the collection is based. Using ?printing on demand? technology, printing a small number of copies of the collection is no more expensive than printing huge amounts of copies. One can also look at the publication of collections of essays in the ADSS from another angle. In the article and discussion note sections, we do not organise contributions ?by theme? as other journa  ls do. Collections of essays in the ADSS, however, can be alternatively viewed as ?themed? collections of articles, where the editors of the collection - specialised scholars on the topic of the collection - co-operate with the editors of the journal to achieve a quality as high as possible.

Publication format
We chose to publish ADSS contributions in PDF only because this format enables one to use real typesetting techniques rather than simple text rendering mechanisms typical of the World Wide Web (web browser formats). The use of PDF guarantees that there will be normal page divisions and numbers, and that the markup of the printed editions will look 100% identical to the online edition.

How to submit
Authors or editors of collections of essays can begin to submit their manuscripts to immediately. Submissions will be subject to review in the same way as the contributions to our article and discussion note sections. When a book has been accepted for publication, it will be marked up for publication at our website, much in the same way as ordinary publishers do. Using high end typesetting technology, we guarantee a publishing quality that equals that of commercial established publishers. Whether one will need to pay for the markup stage of the publication is still an issue of debate, depending on our financial resources.  

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