Style-sheet for articles and reviews in Ars Disputandi: The Online Journal for Philosophy of Religion

  1. All contributions should be submitted as attachments to email-messages addressed to The documents should be saved either in MS Word or in RTF. Reviews may in the same format be sent to the book review editor, Mr. Niek Brunsveld,, Department of Religious Studies and Theology, P.O. Box 80.105, NL-3508 TC Utrecht.
  2. Papers should be submitted as 'clean' as possible, that is to say that the standard settings of the word-processing software used should in no way whatsoever be changed. The use of codes affecting the layout of the paper should be avoided altogether.
  3. Endnotes should not be used. Footnotes should be used sparingly: in general, to give sources of direct quotations, references to authorities, and evidence relied on. Do not use any footnote-options. All footnotes should be ended by a full stop.
  4. References to sources should be given in the following way.
    First references:
    Subsequent references:
    [N.B. Note the interpunction: full stops and commas precede quotation marks, also within the main text].
  5. Single quotation marks should be used for quotations and titles of articles; double quotation marks should only be used for quotations within quotations or within article titles.
  6. AD does not support page numbers; in order to enable people to refer to specific parts of your contribution, we recommend that you order your argument in numbered sections of 1.800 words at most.
  7. British English and US spellings are both allowed, as long as one of them is used consistently. It will be appreciated if authors use the spelling checker of their own word processor before sending in their paper.
  8. Please aim at clarity of argument and avoid all unnecessary technical jargon or show of erudition. Remember that Ars Disputandi aims to be readable by philosophers and theologians from various schools and disciplines.
  9. Articles and literature surveys may vary in length from 3.000 10.000 words, but occasionally the editors will be willing to consider longer articles. Discussion notes should generally be less than 3.000 words. Book notes and reviews range from 100 2.500 words.
  10. When submitting an article, the author(s) should provide an abstract of approximately 100 words, and a set of keywords indicating the main topics addressed in the article. The abstract will appear on AD's site and will be used for indexing purposes. The key words will be used as search terms by which the article can be found in AD's archives.
  11. The description of books in book reviews headings should be as follows: Author(s)/editor(s), Book title: Subtitle (Series Title followed by volume number), Place of publication, year of publication; no. of prelim pages (usually roman) + no. of text pages (usually arabic), hb/pb + price, ISBN. Example: Gijsbert van den Brink & Marcel Sarot (eds.), Understanding the Attributes of God (Contributions to Philosophical Theology Vol. 1), Frankfurt a.M., 1999; 185 pp., DM 65, ISBN 3-631-34466-X.