Ars Disputandi
The Online Journal for Philosophy of Religion


Ars Disputandi is the first online journal for the philosophy of religion. It publishes refereed articles, literature surveys and discussion notes, as well as book reviews and bibliographies. Unlike traditional journals, it will not appear in issues; papers that are accepted will be immediately published online. AD does not aim to be a rival to established philosophy of religion paper journals, but to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and arguments. AD is concerned to promote research and discussion of issues in the philosophy of religion by providing for the fast publication of contributions to ongoing debates.

Added value

AD guarantees that the peer review process of each submitted contribution will be completed within six weeks after receipt, and that each accepted contribution will be published within three months after acceptance.
The electronic format of AD does away with several limitations of traditional publishing. Articles may include hyperlinks, full-colour photos and audio-visual material relevant to the content.
AD is willing to provide statistical information to authors about the frequency with which their articles are consulted online.
Long-term access to all articles and reviews published in AD is guaranteed by its publisher, Igitur, Utrecht Publishing & Archiving Services.
Ars Disputandi provides free paper offprints for authors of all published articles and discussion notes.

Editorial policy

AD focuses on the speedy publication of short and clearly argued articles, discussion notes, and literature surveys. AD welcomes all contributions that are marked by clarity of argument and relevance to the contemporary debate in the philosophy of religion, and will publish articles on the history of the philosophy of religion and on philosophical theology as well. AD is also interested in articles on topics of emerging interest, such as feminist philosophies of religion, African contributions to the philosophy of religion and the relevance of contemporary Continental philosophy to the philosophy of religion. The language of AD is English.

Blind review procedures

To guarantee the quality of published material, all papers will be subjected to blind review. When a discussion note is rejected, the author will receive a brief report in which reasons for the rejection are given. Articles and literature surveys may vary in length from 3.000 - 10.000 words, but occasionally the editors will be willing to consider longer articles. Discussion notes should generally be less than 3.000 words.

Book reviews

AD also welcomes book notes and reviews (100 - 2.500 words); the editors may invite people to write reviews of particular books, but unsolicited book reviews are also welcome. A special feature of AD is the publication of bibliographies on subjects in the philosophy of religion.


AD is a non-profit journal and is published by Igitur, Utrecht Publishing & Archiving Services. AD is freely accessible to all Internet users without subscription. Subscribers to the connected mailing list will receive a list of the most recent contributions every three months, or, if many contributions have been published, more frequently.


This periodical is indexed in the ATLA Religion Database(r), published by the American Theological Library Association, 300 S. Wacker Dr., Suite 2100, Chicago, IL 60606, E-mail:, WWW:

AD aims to be indexed in The Philosopher's Index, and will apply for membership of the Association of Peer-Reviewed Electronic Journals in Religions.